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K α λ ό ς

  • Greek

[kal-os ‘]

KALOS Creative Studio exists to understand you and your business in order to effectively communicate your vision to others. We are passionate about knowing your goals and desires and bringing those to fruition through collaboration and design. We seek to educate you on the importance of effective design and equip you with the tools to bring more awareness to your brand.

(adj.) good, beautiful in and out, excellent, beautiful by reason of purity in heart and life, noble, praiseworthy 

Kalos Creative Studio

Web Design in Dallas, digital and print marketing materials, brand identity

what our clients are saying:

“KALOS helped us create our brand, design our logo, and build our website, and we could not be happier! It was such a great experience and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

- Daniel L. (Anago Travel & Tours)

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